The Great Resignation

We’ve been hearing about the “Great Resignation” for a couple of months now. It’s this idea that employees, during the pandemic, stayed in jobs that they would have left but held off because of the uncertainty of the pandemic market.

Combine that with the general understanding that camp transitions often start happening after the camp season, and our camp industry leadership may be ripe for some significant changes this fall.

Are you one of those leaders who are considering a change? Perhaps it’s time to move up in responsibility and title, and your current organization doesn’t have that option for you. Or maybe you need a new challenge and are seeking a new location and organization?

It’s tempting to say you are open to whatever looks good, but rather than go willy-nilly into the process, take some time to define what you want. Then, as you discern a move, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is your ideal role?

Are you best suited to a behind-the-desk position that leads with ideas and mentoring others? Or, do you love being in the midst of the action with campers and guests? You may not get the ideal situation, but if you can articulate what it is, you can share it with your potential employee and shape the new position to best combine their needs with your skills and preferences.

  1. What is your ideal organization?

A larger camp and retreat center might provide the challenge you need. Or maybe you know you will best serve a faith-based organization vs. one that focuses on sports. Regardless, only you know what you want, and you need to be clear about why!

  1. What are you best at?

Camps and retreat centers vary drastically in what they require of their leaders. Take, for example, the executive director position. In a smaller organization, the ED would also serve as the fundraising and program leader. In larger organizations, the ED doesn’t touch programs but needs to be skilled in board development. When you know what you are best at, you can align this with what an organization needs.

  1. What is your DREAM position?

Please stop and think about it. Don’t default to what you think the answers should be based on others’ expectations. Instead, dig deep and define YOUR dream position.

In addition to knowing yourself and what you want, you may need to do more than rely on the postings on general association websites to understand your options. Many camps don’t post positions widely because they get enough applicants with a narrow search. 

Be sure to tap your network. Let knowledgeable, connected, and trustworthy people in your network know that you are looking. Ask them to let you know if they hear of open positions.

Now that you know what your dream position is try to find organizations that would be ideal. Make a call or two and plant your name with them. You never know when they may need someone and will think of you!

Kaleidoscope is currently working with two camp organizations and will be posting searches this fall. Want to be on our email list, so you are notified when these positions open up? Click here to sign up for the list. 

Also, if your organization needs to cast a wider net for an upcoming search, we’d love to help. Set up a call with Kaleidoscope today.

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