We Help Camps and Retreat Centers Thrive


You can’t impact lives and change the world with a organization that is stuck, struggling, or doesn’t have the tools to execute a vision for the way forward.

The pressure you feel, as a leader, to get it right is heavy and hard to navigate.

KALEIDOSCOPE inc can help!



Set up a consult call.

We’ll talk about your challenges and share our work to see if we are a good fit for one another.

We create a proposal.

The proposal will include scope of service, process, timeline, deliverables and, of course, investment.

We work together.

When your camp thrives, the world is a better place!

“Thanks again for building trust with our team in order to help us remove barriers that were keeping us from fulfilling our mission. The hard work is still ahead, but our staff has a renewed mission and vision with confidence behind it.”

Natalie Davidson, Executive Director
Glen Lake Camp & Retreat Center

“Kaleidoscope’s detailed work was a complete eye-opener and injected excitement, renewed dedication, and foresight in the Board.  Kaleidoscope put NaCoMe on a renewed path to increasing those who use the camp, to increasing its revenue, to reinvigorating its mission, to improving its facility, and to jump starting an exciting capital campaign with an impressive early beginning financial commitment from Board members and other individuals interested in NaCoMe.”

Frank Stockdale Carney, Former Board Chair
NaCoMe Camp & Retreat Center

We engaged Kaleidoscope Inc. in the process of creating a Master Land Use and Facilities Plan in 2015, and years later, we are convinced that we made the right choice.  Meeting with the Kaleidoscope team on our campus, we knew right away that this was the firm with whom we wanted to work. It was their ability to listen empathetically, to understand our camp and community culture, and their skills as visionary planners that excited our organization about this important process. The end result of their work was not only a Master Plan that has guided our strategic development plans for several years; it was also a relationship with a group of individuals who truly care about our camp and its future success.”

Rabbi Joel Seltzer, Executive Director
Camp Ramah in the Poconos