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Deep Experience to Serve you Better

KALEIDOSCOPE inc. provides professional services to camps, retreats, and outdoor centers to help them thrive.

KALEIDOSCOPE inc. is a team of professional consultants and planners who know and are passionate about camps, retreat centers and outdoor centers. Our work is to help your organization thrive with customized services for building and maintaining vibrant, vital and viable programs, operations, sites and facilities.

Since 1986 KALEIDOSCOPE inc has served not-for-profit centers with life-changing missions located throughout the United States. From the beginning we have understood the need to continually develop and apply expertise from professionals who know camps and centers.

Just as a kaleidoscopic instrument creates patterns from the contents within, KALEIDOSCOPE inc. aligns the deep experience of the team and utilizes the knowledge and skills found inside organizations to create successful operations. The core of our work with all clients is best done in collaboration with leaders in a group process in which we help shape and develop the best outcomes for the organization. Our team will bring the experience, best practices and norms of the field and with you discover the best solutions.

While the firm has grown and changed to adapt to the needs of the field, we remain on the leading edge delivering quality, relevant and applicable solutions.




We believe in and share the power of our work.


We deliver value to our client at fair prices, based on their needs.


We listen to the needs behind the requests and see projects through to success.


We practice careful stewardship of all resources: human, financial, natural.


We say what we mean and mean what we say.


We impart interest, enthusiasm, excitement, hope. Most importantly, we strive to make others’ day better for having been a part of it


We give our best and seek to be the best in the field.


We remain true to our principles even if they differ from others.

Principal Consultant

Jody Oates

Jody is an experienced camp leader with the skills to address the practical aspects of the operation without losing sight of the mission. As an executive leader he led camps to be vital and viable operations, including facility planning and construction oversight. His knowledge of day-to-day management issues enables Jody to guide leaders in setting realistic goals that empower the vision to grow into a sustainable enterprise. His effective communication skills enable him to relate to all parts of the organization – staff, directors, board. Jody’s formal education in psychology, business and theology provide a balanced academic foundation for the issues to be addressed in mission-based organizations.

We also utilize the skills and experience of a number of other camp professionals to expand the expertise and breadth of our team and partner with other professionals as needed for specific project needs.  With extensive and diverse experience from coast to coast, our team of professionals know how to help you.