Camp leaders have invested more time than ever ramping up for the 2021 camp season. There has been change after change with COVID protocols, recruiting campers has been more time consuming, and hiring staff has been a beast! 

But, now you are likely starting to look at your Fall retreat rental business and there is DEFINITELY space to fill!

The good news is that retreat groups have been dealing with the same things you have. In fact, many are just now able to make decisions about whether or not they will hold their retreats.

I want to give you the #1 best sales tool for getting groups into your space. Are you ready? 

It’s the PHONE! Pick it up, leave messages, try again. Trust me – it works! Email is great and a necessary tool to use, but the #1 BEST tool is the phone. 

To help you out, we are providing a script to use to book that Fall business!


AUDIENCE: Past retreat group leaders (adapt for new groups)

Hello {insert name},

This is {your name} from {your organization}. It’s been a while! {insert a question – try to customize it to what you know about the person you are talking to}.

Listen {name}, I am working on our Fall retreat schedule and because of the pent up demand from the last year, we are expecting a packed house for the Fall/Winter season. I was thinking of you because I don’t see your group on the calendar yet and I don’t want you to miss out because we don’t have space. 

What are you thinking about for your group?

FAQ’s that you should be prepared to answer:

  • What are your COVID protocols?
  • Are other groups having trouble getting people to commit?
  • Do we have any credits from cancelled retreats during COVID?
  • Costs/open dates

I also wanted to let you know about a couple of new things that we are doing for groups this Fall that I think you might be interested in:

Ideas for new things:

  • New menu features or items (GF, Vegetarian, Vegan, desert bar, salad bar, etc.)?
  • Older groups LOVE hosts who help with luggage – perhaps an add-on valet service?
  • Optional program activity built into the cost, so they can choose from a guided hike, high ropes experience, swim, etc…?
  • Program leadership – offer a few 60-90 min options for groups to add?
  • Limited time special for groups who book before August 15 – evening snack at no additional charge? Upgraded rooms? 

Are you ready to book? Want me to reconnect at a later date? 

Confirm details

Thank you so much {name}. It was a pleasure to connect with you.

Of course, you’ll need to customize this for your organization. 

Can’t wait to hear all about your success!


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