For most camp operations, Covid-19 put a wrench in our well-oiled machines.

Information about new rules and safety measures came out at a mile a minute, leaving many staff members scratching their heads without real guidance on what to relay to their teams and camp families. 

While these are unprecedented times, the pandemic alerted us of our shortcomings when it comes to communication. 

As a camp leader, it’s essential to realize that communication can indicate your leadership effectiveness. Are you in control of how informed your staff is, or are you relying on information to trickle down like a game of telephone?

Let’s evaluate how to be more effective communicators and leaders for the 2021 camp season and beyond. 

A Lack of Communication Leads to Harmful Assumptions

By not accurately expressing updates and camp developments to your team, you’re putting your overall success at risk.

Regular communication with staff and parents can help avoid gossip and put everyone on the same page regarding camp updates. 

If you aren’t communicating, you are not leading!

Look Back at Your Communication During 2020 and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Giving families a clear direction of what the following season will look like can help encourage parents who are on the fence about sending their kids to camp. Communication can include updates about your camp timeline or registration dates. 

Confidence in your plans and transparency can help draw people in, whereas a lack of communication can cost you families that have been part of your program for years. 

Camp leaders are trying to figure out MANY moving pieces and may be waiting to communicate when they have it all resolved.  Even if you don’t have it all figured out, communicate anyway! Parents need updates and will be patient if they are kept informed.

If you’re not communicating about your plans, families will start searching elsewhere. 

How to Communicate More Effectively

Consistency can be vital in making the difference between a mediocre camp season and a successful one. 

No update is too small. Even if you’re still waiting on information about how to reopen camps for the season safely, let people know. 

These small touch base moments are easy ways to maintain your presence on people’s newsfeeds or in their email inboxes. Keep your name on their minds so that your families will feel connected and ready to commit to your program when the time comes for camp registration. 

If you want to keep honing in on your communication skills and become a better camp owner and leader in the process, contact us today to schedule a consultation call. We can’t wait to help enhance your skills and take your camp to new heights in the process. 

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