Finding the Right Employee

Finding the right employee is CRITICAL to your camp’s success. And, frankly, you can’t afford to get this wrong. Getting it wrong means you have to live with your choice for the amount of time it takes to discover the problem, work through all possible solutions, then break ties. It could take years, and that is wasted time for your organization. 

Take your time. 

Get it right.

We want to help. In addition to offering executive search consulting, we have laid out the following components for finding the right employee.

Create the Right Job Description

If you want to set a new hire up for failure, don’t give them a job description. Or, as bad, give them a job description that isn’t actually what is needed or what their success will be measured on. Either way – you are doomed from the start.

The right job description will consider two basic things:

  1. What is non-negotiable? These are skills or experience that your candidate must have.
  2. What can be taught? Perhaps your candidate doesn’t have the exact skill set but is teachable. Which areas is this acceptable in?

Think of it like house shopping. You maybe can’t live without a two-car garage, but having three bathrooms is negotiable if there is potential to add one at some point. 

It’s also important to remember that this candidate will be a part of a larger team. Consider how you might shift responsibilities to make the whole stronger. Perhaps having this open spot allows you to shift job responsibilities to allow another team member to take on new or different responsibilities.

Find the Right Candidates

First, as you seek a pool of candidates to choose from, remember they are interviewing you too. Be open, authentic, and transparent as you seek out conversations. 

Second, you may be tempted to find someone who is exactly like the best employee you’ve ever had. Or, you may be tempted to find someone who fills the gap that the last person left open. In both cases, you are setting yourself and the candidate up for struggle. With each new employee that fills a position, you have to adapt and shape the role and person around what is best for the organization as a whole.

Finally, a typical hiring process involves posting an open position and considering the applications you get. It may be helpful to get out of that mindset. Invite people that you think might be a good fit. Ask others to do the same. Invitations go a long way to helping others discern their level of interest and get you a healthier pool of candidates.

Ask the Right Questions

Interviewing candidates is more than checking boxes. You need to take a good look at their and your intentions. Ask questions of yourself as well as the candidate. Here is a list to consider beyond the traditional, “where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

  • What is the candidate’s motivation for seeking this role?  
  • What are their long-term goals?  
  • How does the candidate want to impact the world with their life?  
  • Is the candidate passionate about this role or seeking a job?  Passion is key, though it cannot fully replace competence.
  •  What is their ability to think through challenges and problem solve?
  • Do they have a willingness to learn, and are they coachable?
  • What perspectives do they bring to the role?
  • Is the resume clear about their background, or is it filled with jargon to appear complete?
  • Are you ready to provide training and support to help this person grow into their new role?
  •  Will the candidate enhance the team already on staff?  
  • Will they add a diverse experience to expand thinking?

Create the Right Process

Be sure to leave time and space in the process to:

  • Do a background check
  • Check references thoroughly
  • Listen to and answer all candidate questions
  • Give the candidate time to explore relocation options and questions
  • Share the vision of the organization beyond the day-to-day tasks 
  • Communicate consistently and clearly

Besides the basics of your hiring process, you many want to considers the stakeholders who are affected by this hire. A simple invitation to connect over coffee and get to know one another goes a long way to putting current and new staff at ease. 

Hiring is hard. Firing is even harder. It’s worth doing right the first time.
We’d love to talk about how we can help you in finding the right employee. Book a call here.

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