As the New Year settles in, it is time to look ahead at what opportunities are available for summer camps.

Whether you run a day program or overnight sleep away camp, chances are 2020 looked a little different than usual. Many of us were not able to operate, while some of us  scrambled to reimagine our familiar experiences by shifting dates, implementing new public health measures, and dealing with occupancy limits. And while we remain optimistic, there is still some uncertainty about what 2021 has in store for our camp season. 

Two important questions come to mind as camps begin discussing their 2021 seasons. In this blog, we will help you ensure a safe and engaging summer, even amid an ongoing pandemic. 

Are camps going to be able to run this summer?

This question is the most widely received inquiry we’ve had over the past few months. While some areas of the country continue to see rises in positive Covid-19 outbreaks, most guesswork is reserved for individual states to decide. 

The American Camp Association (ACA) has been working with government officials on a state level to help compile resources on how to open camps for parents to send their children away for an extended stay safely. 

Want to keep up to date with what the plans look like for your state? The ACA has released a State Operating Guide that details the latest rules and regulations for camp operations in each state. This handy guide also provides useful supporting documents to help steer you and your staff in the right direction. 

Will parents allow their children to attend camps this summer? 

Once you’ve determined if and when you can safely open your summer programs, parents are still hesitant to send their kids away to camp. The main issue?  Parents don’t want their children to catch or spread COVID. They also feel uncomfortable about their kids wearing a mask 24/7. 

There are a few things you can do to give your campers and their parents’ peace of mind:

  • Stay in line with public health regulations and local mandates.
  • Remind parents that mask-wearing has been a part of their child’s school routine.  It is not as foreign or cumbersome as it was in early 2020.  Children are more accustomed to handling their daily activities while wearing a mask.
  • Incorporate mask breaks to eliminate any discomfort.
  • Clearly articulate your social distancing guidelines and how you plan to enforce them.

While you are hard at work to make summer camp 2021 a reality, don’t forget that  children need camp more than ever.

Most of your campers haven’t been able to interact socially or participate in physical activity for at least 12 months.  They need to feel that camp spirit and just be kids, even if only for a few weeks. 
As you continue to plan for the unknown, don’t forget to reach out if you have any questions or concerns about preparing for a Covid-centric summer.  Click here to book a call.

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