5 Revenue-Generating Tactics for Camps During the Retreat Season

5 Revenue-Generating Tactics for Camps During the Retreat Season

As the summer months come to an end, many camps and retreat centers experience a significant drop in their revenue. However, there are several ways to generate more income by utilizing your facilities during the non summer months. Here are 5 revenue-generating tactics for camps during the retreat season:

1) Offer Add-ons

A great way to generate income during the off-months is by offering add-ons to existing services. These add-ons can be small but will help significantly over time and enrich the experience of your visitors.

Here are just a few examples: 

  • Firewood: If you have fire pits on your property, consider charging for a bundle of wood or fire starter packages. 
  • Snow removal: Snow removal or vehicle clean-off services during the winter season can be a desired and practical need for campers in northern regions. 
  • Snow gear rentals: If you have hiking trails, consider snow equipment rentals at an additional cost, such as snow shoes, cross-country skis, snowboards, or sleds.
  • Guided tours: Consider offering guided hiking tours or property tours to guests as an upgrade. 

The key is to strike a balance between providing top-notch hospitality and making additional money. You don’t want to nickel and dime guests, but you do want to help offset the costs of staying open and earn a profit. Brainstorm your own ideas and consider what amenities your property has that you can monetize.

2) Camp Store

Another way to generate revenue is by having your camp store sell items that add value to the guests’ experience. 

This can include: 

  • Seasonal camping gear
  • Seasonal outdoor clothing
  • Seasonal snacks (like honey, maple syrup, fruit, and vegetables)
  • Souvenirs (holiday-themed camping trinkets surrounding seasonal holidays)

Consider partnering with local vendors to sell their products at your camp store. This can create a win-win situation where you can offer unique and locally-made products to your guests while supporting small businesses in the area.

3) Activities

Offering activities that attract more people can also help generate revenue during the retreat months. Especially if they are seasonal to the area. 

This includes activities like:

  • Horseback riding 
  • Geocaching
  • Season-oriented crafts
  • High-ropes
  • Maple tapping
  • Ice fishing
  • Skiing, sledding, and snowboarding
  • Ice skating

Make sure to market these activities effectively to attract a diverse range of customers, including families, school groups, corporate retreats, and more.

4) Open Up New Spaces

Consider opening up new spaces on your property to attract guests and generate more revenue. 

Themed rooms or experiences are in high demand these days, so consider creating unique and immersive spaces that your guests can utilize. 

For example, you can clean out a storage closet and convert it into a themed youth room that appeals to a specific age group. Make sure to invest in decor, lighting, and other amenities that create a memorable experience for your guests.

5) Capitalize on Loss-Leaders with Bundle Pricing, Discounts, and Even Free Features

Loss-leaders are products or services that are sold at a loss to attract customers, who will then purchase other products or services that generate more revenue. High-ropes are a great example of a loss leader that can be capitalized on. 

Offer the experience at a discount to get people to stay overnight and have a meal. People will want the high ropes at a great rate, so they will likely be willing to pay for food and lodging, ultimately generating more income. 

You can also offer free or inexpensive program features that are unique to your camp or retreat. The catch is that guests can only access these features if they pay for higher-profit services like food and housing. 

For example, you can offer a free meeting room for a conference but require them to buy a minimum number of meals as part of the package. This way, the food is where you make the money while providing added value to your guests.

These approaches can help you attract customers when demand is lower.

Changing Your Mindset

By changing your mindset and viewing your facilities from another perspective, you will be able to capitalize on the different strengths your camp or retreat center has to offer. The key is to be creative and innovative while keeping in mind the needs and interests of your customers. 

By using these 5 revenue-generating tactics for camps during the retreat season, you can eliminate “off-season” from your vocabulary with a constantly rotating season plan of hosted events and services.

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