Fall Planning Options

Fall Planning Options

Many schools are back in session and the summer has begun to wind down. Soon, the leaves will be changing color and the crisp fall air will start creeping in. The end of summer means a delicate balance between missing the sunshine and fun and taking a deep sigh of relief that the busy season is coming to an end. For camps and retreat centers, this time of year signifies development and growth as you prepare for the fall planning season.

Leading up to and throughout your busy season, you may have discovered areas within your organization that need work, but deciding what to focus on this Fall can sometimes be a challenge. Below, we will break down definitions for some of the common areas of work that camps undertake. 


If you are unsure exactly where to start when focusing on fall planning, a comprehensive assessment may be the best place. After all, you cannot work on site plans or strategic planning without knowing what areas of your organization need improvement. Working with a knowledgeable consultant, like Kaleidoscope, Inc., can help you identify areas of growth through a comprehensive assessment.

We know the ins and outs of camps and retreat centers and can accurately measure your program operations in relation to the growing and thriving industry. When conducting an assessments, we look into the following:

  •  Financial reviews, operating, and capital
  •  Site and facilities
  •  Staffing models
  •  Market availability and competition
  •  Program models and delivery
  • Use analysis of all guests and groups

Knowledge is power when it comes to improving on current operations. With a proper assessment, your organization will be able to easily identify the best course of action for your programming.

Strategic Planning

What are the next key steps of growth for your camp – and how to lead to the next chapter?

Strategic Planning can focus on several aspects of business, but ultimately defines who you are as an organization and solidifies what actions need to be taken to achieve your goals. It is difficult to grow and improve without understanding the mission and vision of your organization and having clear initiatives.

Our team partners with your leadership to define specific strategies for growth based on your initiatives and goals. This may include working on the following areas:

  • Creating your organization’s mission and vision
  • Creating a specific road map to reach organizational goals
  • Developing business plans that will grow your programming
  • Developing your board and governing partners
  • Creating comprehensive financial plans
  •  Enriching leadership and team development

Master Site Planning

What new or updated facilities or program areas would enhance the program or allow you to welcome more guests?

Besides the friendships and fond memories, when people think camp, they think about the facilities. Every building, cabin, bunk, and hall has their own special purpose within the camp, and although they are only tools for program delivery, they all depend on one another cohesively.

We often think of Master Site Planning like solving a Rubik’s Cube. If you match up one color, you cannot expect the others to automatically align themselves. All of the colors (pieces of your master site) must align in order to solve the puzzle. A great site plan takes your vision, programming, and operations and creates a blueprint that will bring everything together.

Here at Kaleidoscope, Inc., we have a talented team of camp consultants, site planners, and architects that can really bring your visions to life. 

Marketing Planning

Do you feel like things are moving in the right direction, but you just want to be able to reach more people? 

One last area you may want to focus on this fall is Marketing Planning. You can have the best programming and facilities in the world, but if no one knows about your organization, your enrollment numbers will not support your business. It is important to have a clear, concise message that will reach your target audience.

Working with a marketing consultant can help you create a comprehensive, strategic marketing plan that is designed specifically for your whole organization or a particular project or goal. The plan can then guide your work so that you can spend your time implementing and adjusting your marketing activities.

No matter what avenue you choose this fall, use it as a time to create an action plan for the future. Use all of the knowledge you gathered throughout the summer to answer some important questions like:

  • What worked?
  • What didn’t work?
  • What do we let go of?
  • Where do we need to forgive?
  • What do we need to capture so that we can do better next summer?

If you would like to discuss scheduling any fall planning services, please visit our website to book a consultation.

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