Master Site Planning

Through a comprehensive and collaborative planning process, we integrate program and operational goals with desired land and facility development.

The conceptual master plan identifies all of the facilities needed, locates them on the property, defines circulation and amenities, and suggests a preliminary opinion of probable cost. A completed master plan includes site and program assessments, responds to the preferred land use plan and is delivered as an illustrated and documented comprehensive plan.

Master Site Planning can be accomplished in phases or can focus on a specific area of the property through these planning initiatives:

Key Area Plan: Focuses on a specific area of the site by developing an operations, site, and facility plan for a certain area on the property such as new housing, dining, or other places for community.

Master Site Plan: Provides a full picture prioritization site map based on a comprehensive assessment of the current operation, market, program focus, and financial implications. Our master plans are intentionally designed for immediate outcomes and can include illustrated concepts of future facilities.
Master Site Plan Update: Builds on existing plans, updating and revising concepts as needed to meet contemporary and future needs.

East Bay Camp and Retreat

Camp Galil

Cumberland Wilderness Retreat

Cave Lake

Seabeck Conference Center

DaySpring Episcopal Center

Cross Point

YMCA Camp Roberts

Girl Scouts Montana & Wyoming