Retreat Centers

Retreat centers encourage true engagement with new ideas, personal and spiritual matters and other people in “places apart.” Designed to foster contemplation, reflection, thought, dialogue, renewal, and the building of relationships, retreat centers may focus as much on quality of life experiences as productive agendas.

The space in a retreat center is critical to achieving the desired goals:

  • Land or vegetation that buffers the facilities from surrounding development.
  • Natural beauty that calms and inspires.
  • Simple accommodations that provide essential comfort without becoming the focal point of the experience.
  • Variety of gathering places for formal and casual agendas, designed to serve the specific group sizes, identity and purpose.

The KALEIDOSCOPE inc. professionals know from personal experience how important it is to retreat in a space beneficial to personal growth. They appreciate the opportunity to think creatively with retreat leaders about how space, structures, natural settings, ambiance, hospitality, and programming can merge to create life-changing experiences for participants.

Cave Lake

Pilgrim Point

Mound Ridge

Ceta Canyon