Our Team

With extensive and diverse experience from coast to coast, our team of professionals know how to help you. Our lead consultants are Jody Oates and Carroll Harris. Sarah Picciuto serves as our office and project coordinator and keeps our projects on track. Our founder, Kathleen Trotter, remains connected and passionate about our work. We also utilize the skills and experience of a number of other camp professionals to expand the expertise and breadth of our team and partner with other professionals as needed for specific project needs.


Jody Oates, Principal Consultant

Jody is an experienced camp leader with the skills to address the practical aspects of the operation without losing sight of the mission. As an executive leader he led camps to be vital and viable operations, including facility planning and construction oversight. His knowledge of day-to-day management issues enables Jody to guide leaders in setting realistic goals that empower the vision to grow into a sustainable enterprise. His effective communication skills enable him to relate to all parts of the organization – staff, directors, board. Jody’s formal education in psychology, business and theology provide a balanced academic foundation for the issues to be addressed in mission-based organizations.


Carroll Harris, Consultant

Carroll is a camping professional who utilizes her vast experience in the non-profit and religious sector to add to her breadth of expertise in marketing, customer service, and management to provide a common sense approach to consulting. Carroll’s experience in multiple levels of camping and variety of organizations supports her keen intuition and insight. Carroll is able to evaluate from multiple perspectives to share realistic and honest solutions.